Audible Lockdown Alert System

The Ultimate School Lockdown, PA, Wet Break and Session Change System

Our Lockdown Alert Systems are now on their third generation of development, with our previous version having been awarded BETT Awards Finalist status for ICT Product of the year 2017, our latest version takes our years of knolledge and understanding along with client development feedback to create this latest 2018 version.

  • 3 Level Lockdown Alert
  • Aditional Programmable Button
  • PA Microphone
  • Session Change
  • Does not use Fire Alarm Bells or Tones (Find Out Why)
  • Does not use IT Network Infrastructure (Find out Why)
  • Does Not use Wireless (Find out why)
  • Meets Recomended Guidance levels to assist with developing Dynamic Lockdown Procedures published by NaCTSO (National Counter Terrorism Security Office)
  • Meets Guidance levels published by Local Authorities

Over 7 Years as the Leading UK Education Solution

School Lockdown ‘live in school demonstration’

School Lockdown Systems Specifications

More than a simple School Lockdown System, our solution incorporates many of the features Head Teachers have expressed a desire to have as standard but without additional costs.
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School Lockdown Training Videos:

Find out how our Audible Lockdown Alert System works, from full product usage demonstrations through to how to use the system on a day to day basis.
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Don’t get Caught Out with the Wrong Product!

Don’t get caught out with an inadequate system that is not fit for purpose? Find out how you can avoid the pitfalls of oversights that have caught others out! Visit our Need to Know page and find out what you should be aware of. Click here for our guidance page.

Lockdown Alerts are an Emergency Product

IT System, Using Evacuation Alarm Sounds… If you need any help we are happy to provide you with all the information needed to make an informed decision.
Always Remember! You should only use a fire alarm for fires, it evacuates people / children from your schools – Don’t use as an Invacuation Alarm, Break Time Session Change Bell, End of School Bell. It’s never a good idea to desensitise children from emergency alarms!

Audible Lockdown Alert System