Why Three Level School Lockdown Solution?

Why Three Level School Lockdown Solution?

In recent years it has become very apparent that Schools need a multi-level School Lockdown solution, being arguably the technological leader in this field the ALAS School Lockdown Solution has been upgraded to handle Three Level Lockdown and meet the day to day needs of Schools in addition handling the full Emergency Level lockdown.

So What’s Three Level School Lockdown About?

Simply put there are other instances where a child Safeguarding solution is required but without the need to implement a full Emergency School Lockdown.

Three Level School Lockdown Examples

Off-site – Localised incident off premises but close by such as a chemical leak, air based pollution, traffic accident, Police or Emergency Service responded incident, public disorder or any other incident where you wish to keep children away. For these you don’t need a full School Emergency Lockdown but instead require everyone to stay on the premises and safe inside but can carry on otherwise as normal.

On-site – A stray dog in the playground, someone trying to take a child who should not be, unauthorised person or persons on premises, extreme adverse weather conditions, localised disorder on premises. Again, for these you don’t need a fill emergency School Lockdown, but you do require everyone to be accounted for, to stay on the premises or possibly in form rooms, secure and safe.

Emergency Lockdown – There is potentially a threat to the students and the school, an attacker is on site or nearby, there is potentially a credible threat and the authorities have informed you. The is a 999 required response and full Emergency School Lockdown procedures are required to be activated.

As you can see from these the details above although all require a lockdown response only one requires a full emergency lockdown.

Contact ALAS Systems today and find out more about how the new Three Level School Lockdown System can benefit your school Safeguarding Policy and work with your School Emergency plan.

Why Three Level School Lockdown Solution?